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May, 2011:

SHIT TO DO!!! (remember that?)

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any events. Sue me! I don’t care. Who cares. Let’s do this.

Write Club is in thirty-five minutes. So, uh, get to the Hideout. I did Write Club last month and beat my opponent, but only because my girlfriend was a judge. I am an avid supporter of cheating. Take that Ali Weiss. Maybe you shoulda cheated if you wanted to win.

Wednesday, May 18th

Trilling Magazine Launch Party Simone’s Bar 960 w. 18th street at 7:00 pm facebook event

What is Trilling Magazine, you  might be asking. Well I do not know. A new magazine apparently. I do know that they have some good people reading at their launch party though, so it must be good.

It features a reading by Patricia McNair, a music performance by Derek Nelson, and short stories by Matt Martin, Leah Tallon, Lauryn Lewis, Chris Terry, and Ben Kumming.

As I said, good people reading.

Black & White Night Hollywood Lounge 3301 W. Bryn Mawr at 9:00 pm facebook event

Not a reading, but a multi-faceted art event. Every other week B&W highlights a different visual artist, also including live bands, DJs, and the occasional reading when we’re lucky. This one features work by Ryan Narikawa, live art by Darius Dennis, a set by DJ Kendotronic, and performance by Soft Candy.

Friday, May 20th

Revolutions presented by Brinksman Press The Hidden Shamrock 2723 N. Halsted St. at 7:00 facebook event

According to the press they’ve let out, Revolutions is “CHICAGO’S FRESHEST EXPERIMENTAL LITERARY READING.” This means you should probably wear a hard hat or something if you go. Personally, I’m gonna wear a cup, but I usually do anyways. Seriously though, if this reading is half as “eXtreme” as it sounds in the description, it’ll be a good time.

Readers: Frankie Migacz, Behnam Riahi, Sandra Lee Ernsberger, Scott Patrick Barrons, Ian Dick Jones, Justin Bostian, Lauryn Allison Lewis, Maurice Meaway, Michael Meyer, Danyel Logue, and Jon Natzke. There will also be a performance by As Told by Heroes.

That’s a long list of names and, it being a list of writers, long bios. I can vouch for most of the names though, good people, even the ones who are technically, on moral and ethical grounds, are bad. Ian Dick Jones, who you might remember from the Ray’s Tap Reading Series review he wrote in which he insulted me and my bestie Dan Shapiro, is an entertaining person. A jagoff, but entertaining. And Sandra is significantly less of a jagoff, but as entertaining. Then there’s Lauryn, who has been reading everywhere and anywhere these last few months, which must mean something positive, right? (She does make good sugar cookies, which she had at her last reading.)

West Side School for the Desperate End of Semester Poetry Showcase! 3608 W Wrightwood at 7:00 pm facebook event

Jeez, these events could use shorter names. Names be damned, West Side School for the whozits, or whatever, knows how to put on a poetry reading. The kind you’d actually want to attend. And get drunk at. If you’re around Logan Square, you have no reason not to stop by.

Readings by Nick Narbutas, Stephen Dvorak, Chloe Kittle, Jacob Mays, Benicia Blue, Nate Olison, and Stephanie Lane Sutton.

Watch out for that Nick Narbutas those. He’s got some deep eyes, curly locks you wanna put your fingers through, and a way with words.

P. Fanatics May Reading Changes

Unfortunately, Chris Terry can’t read on the 23rd. I don’t hold it against him. I advise you do not either.

BUT! Nate Olison can. Both would be nice, but I’ll settle.

UPDATE Chris Bower is also reading. Which you should all be happy about.

May has been a pain to plan, apparently everyone’s busy at the end of May, so hopefully nobody else cancels.

Been Around Town

Just got back from Quimby’s, the best darn book store around, where I attended the Cinco De Awesome event with readings by J. Bradley, Ben Tanzer, James Tadd Adcox, and Brandon Will. Everyone was top notch in their own manner: Ben Tanzer told the audience why he hates them, in a loving manner; Brandon Will illuminated time travel, along with the importance of pop culture; James Tadd BADCOX (as I call him) read short stories from his upcoming encyclopedia-like book, which were brief in a way that made the prose almost expand, their quality was not lacking despite their small size; and J. Bradley was both weird and entertaining, he has quite the knack for naming books, you might want to check out The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You is a Robot.

J. Bradley also read at Encyclopedia Show last night, which I also attended because I’m a social butterfly, dammit. He was good in that too, reading about the Skeksis from Dark Crystal. Not being the biggest Dark Crystal fan, I can easily say his story about marriage, love, and weird skeleton birds was better than the movie. I do dig Labyrinth though. Everyone in Encyclopedia Show was great last night. I particularly liked Annie Kincade’s piece on the kakapo, she pulled off a real official voice, as if she were qualified to speak in some sort of professional manner on birds and history and un-important junk like that, while being very inaccurate, which is how you do it when you go on the ES. Oh yeah, and she was funny. Shanny Jean was also darling as she read about mass turkey death, and the absolutely… polarizing… Jilted Emily Rose said cock more times than anyone else I can think of… that day.

Possibly, maybe, kind of what J. Bradley might look like:

P. Fanatics Presents: Dads

Monday, May 23rd at Moe’s tap! Confirmed readers (probably): Alexis Thomas, Chris Terry, Matt Martin, Jessie Morrison, Stevie Edwards and, as always, Dan Shapiro. Hosted by me, Mason Johnson.