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July, 2011:

P. Fanatics: Circle Jerk

P. Fanatics Reading Series Presents: Circle Jerk
August 14th at Cole’s. See the poster:

Miss me?

You have undoubtedly noticed that the place has gone to shambles. Or not, you’ve never been too observant. Regardless, it’s time you’ve found out why I’ve been gone:

Karaoke. I been doin’ a lot of it.

A new job! I work full time for CBS Chicago now. While my job has many facets, part of it is to write articles. Some boring, some not so much. You can see them here.

What little I have been writing outside of that has been put up other places, like Literary Chicago. So if you want to see any reading reviews from me, it’s best to go there.

This site will basically be used to inform you about upcoming P. Fanatics readings from here on out. They’re now permanently at Cole’s Bar every second Sunday. Yay! The next one is August 14th. Before that I’m reading at Ray’s Tap (August 12th), and before THAT I’m presenting at Dil Pickle Club (August 7th). More news when I got it.

<3 Mason

Karaoke with Tom and Dan