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P. Fanatics Podcast: Episode 0

Apparently iTunes doesn’t want to accept the Piss Fanatics podcast. Maybe they don’t like the name…

Anyways, here’s episode 0! Not a proper episode, but a small sliver of what it will eventually be.

In this fine audio thingy majiger you will here Dan Shapiro and I conversing. This was taken from recordings of Dan and I writing material together, but is mostly the moments where we are off task, talking about a wide array of things. The episodes in the future will hopefully make sense. The fact is, we weren’t aware we’d be putting this up from the get go, and it has been edited heavily for the sake of the innocent, so we weren’t exactly pandering to an audience, or making sense.

Here’s a link to the podcast RSS feed. Here’s a link to the individual file of the episode. Or, listen to it right here and now:

Things covered include:


A young woman named Abby being insane

Dicks hanging out

Moist women

Among many, many other things.