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P. Fanatics: I’m Not Racist, But… THIS SUNDAY

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You’ll get a free, physical copy of Meghan Lamb‘s amazing Love, Jennifer Jason Leigh!

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P. Fanatics Presents: Fame is Brilliant?

P. Fanatics Reading Series Presents:

Fame is brilliant?

Cole’s Bar
January 8th
7:30 pm

With Daniel Shapiro, Jac Jemc, Kathleen Rooney, Benicia Blue, Vanessa Pegram, Patrick Allen Carberry, and Jason Bredle.

Hosted by Mason Johnson.

Music by house band Hawaiian Death Folk Presents.

See ya there!

P. Fanatics Presents: Duos

P. Fanatics Presents: Choose Your Own Adventure

Mason Writes Words

Here are a few places you can see my writing (which are the reasons I do not write here anymore):

Most recently, you can see a story I wrote about a man and his cat at Knee-Jerk Magazine.

Semi-recently, I had a poem go up on Defenestration Magazine’s website.

I’ve also, on and off, been writing articles for Literary Chicago. Mostly reading reviews, with an interview and some book reviews coming… eventually… in the future.

And, since I work at CBS, I write quite a few articles for CBSChicago.com. Some good, some… well… you know.

<3 Mason

October Reading

Added Priscilla Farina to the bill! See ya on the 9th.

P. Fanatics Reading Series Presents: 1st World Problems

October 9th, Cole’s Bar, 2338 N. Milwaukee, 7:30 pm.

Confirmed readers: Dan Shapiro, James Tadd Adcox, Shanny Jean, Nate Olison, and Natalie Edwards.

More to come…

<3 Mason

Scrub’s Digest: Know a Busta Newsletter

Scrub’s Digest: Know a Busta Newsletter

Week 46, Justin Jeremy Jones

Why I’m fly:

* My Dad owns a dealership. He lets me test drive all the cars. It’s so cool. I drive at top speed. I’ll pass anyone. I even passed a Mercedes in a Toyota once.

* I dress fly as hell. Polo shirt, golf shorts, backwards cap tilted slightly to the side.

* I was into Insane Clown Posse before anyone. Even Jack White.

* When I go to a restaurant, I always order the most expensive thing on the menu. If I’m at Wendy’s, I’ll get the chicken nuggets AND a burger.

* I go to all the parties.

* I was breastfed… ladies.

* I have a ton of cool friends.

* But I’m the coolest out of, like, all the people I know.

* The ladies love my sense of humor. They say I’m funnier than Dane Cook. Whenever I say something, people say, “Hoo-wee! That’s funny!”

* I do cool shit: I am the king of keg stands. I smoke cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid. I can no longer count to ten, but it’s worth it.

* I get my car washed every day. I get my car washed every day. I get my war cashed every way. I met guy mar mashed every day.

* My friend, Max Adams, you don’t wanna fuck with him. He could kick your ass. He was breastfed as well. You know the puppeteer that does Alf? Max Adams kicked his ass. You know the guy that created Strawberry Shortcake? They had a fistfight at a Weird Al Yankovic concert. Who won? My friend Max.

So in submarine, those are just a few reasons why I’m fly.

by Dan Shapiro with help from Barbara Shapiro. Edited by Mason Johnson

Why is this here? Because I, Mason Johnson, print out a zine every P. Fanatics. This last reading was no different, with one exception: I forgot to hand it out. Yes. I printed a zine, brought it to the bar, and never handed the thing out. I am an idiot.

<3 Mason