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The Fanatics’ Fund

The Fanatics’ Fund

I want to give you money! Specifically, for the print run of your zine, lit journal, magazine, whatever.

At P. Fanatics every month, I give away a free zine, often handmade by yours truly. I really enjoy doing this, but have less and less time to devote to it. On top of that, I’d like the quality of the zines to rise, which isn’t feasible since I can barely spare time for what I’m doing now. Conclusion: give money earned from P. Fanatics to other people that can accomplish this. Hopefully, with some of Chicago’s finest on the job, this will take up less of my time, and the quality will rise.

Anyone who publishes anything with words, or has aspirations of publishing things with words, is invited to apply to the Fanatics’ Fund.

What I’m looking for:

Anything that’s well made. Anything you can hold in your hands. Anything with words. Anything that has had thought put into it. Anything with design.

What to expect from me:

I will give you a chunk of change to cover a portion of your print cost. This will be a sliding scale, depending on your publication’s quality and needs. For simple zines/handouts, it could possibly cover most, if not all, of the price. For more expensive lit journals, it might only cover a small amount of the print-run. I do NOT want a say about the content or construction of your publication. I do NOT want to change it in any way to suit me, or the reading. I just want something awesome present at P. Fanatics every month.

What I expect from you:

To have at least thirty free copies of something to hand out at a designated P. Fanatics. For smaller publications, maybe it’ll be the whole shebang, your whole issue, free for that one reading, which you’d be free to sell after that day. For something larger and more expensive, maybe it’ll be a small, black & white sampler of its contents. You are welcome to sell other issues/publications at the reading, as long as you provide me with that one free something to hand out.

Note: this does not guarantee you or anyone else involved a spot to read at P. Fanatics.

How to apply:

Email me at geekocracy@gmail.com with a proposal that is no more than 300 words. All I really want is the basic info about what you want to do. Once I know that, we can move forward.


  1. Reece Buckner says:

    hello, I realize that the date has passed, but i only just now came upon your post. I am not in the Chicago area, so I don’t know if you would still be interested. But I am involved in producing a zine here in Albuquerque called “The Handshake Drug”. We are attempting to re-invigorate the creativity that once was rampant in the community and inspire a more comprehensive art community through human interaction and printed media. If you would like a copy, let me know. We could certainly use the publishing funds, right now we are having to sneak into different computer labs on campus which provide free printing and get away with as many copies as we can before we’re thrown out. I would certainly be willing to ship you issues as we produce them if you would help with production costs. Please get back to me.
    Thank you.

    1. Mason says:


      Email me, I’d love to see a copy.


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